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Reflective Work Pants/Trousers

  • DNC - 3314 - Cotton Drill Work Pants with Reflective Tape

    311gsm cotton drill work pants with 3M #8910 reflective tape. Heavy duty nylon zip.

    Sizes: 72R - 107R 74L - 94L 87ST - 132ST

    Colours: Navy, Orange.

    $29.90 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 3314

  • DNC - 3319 - Cotton Drill Cargo Work Pants with Reflective Tape

    3319-Navy Cotton Drill Cargo Trousers with 3M Reflective Tape 311 gsm heavyweight cotton drill, comfort fit, one side contains large flap pocket cargo pocket the other a tool and mobile phone pocket. 3M #8906 Reflective Tape.

    $32.65 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 3319

  • DNC - 3354 - Cotton Drill Work Pants with Double Reflective Tape

    3354-Middle Weight Double Hoops Taped Pants 265gsm Middle Weight Cotton drill, two side pockets & one back pocket. Double hoops of R/Tape.

    $31.50 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 3354

  • DNC - 3326 - Lightweight Mens Cargo Pants with Reflective Tape

    Lightweight mens cargo pants, 190gsm cotton drill, comfort fit, 3M #8910 reflective tape.

    Sizes: 72R - 132R.

    Colours: Navy.

    $33.90 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 3326

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