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  • Lens Cleaning Sachets (1 x 100)

    BOX 100 Lens Cleaning Sachets. Ultra Clear Lens Wipes are a pre-moistened lens cleaning towlette ideal for cleaning glasses, goggles, face shield and other polycarbonates Anti-Fog and Anti-Static. The AEROWIPE Ultra Clear Lens Wipes are anti-fog and anti-static for compliance use in high risk areas Uses: Eyewear, Safety Glasses,Computer Screens, Keyboards,Phones, CDs, DVDs and More.

    $16.95 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: LCS

  • UVEX - Disposable Lens Cleaning Station

    UVEX disposable lens cleaning station, 225ml cleaning solution & tissues.

    $25.44 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 1012

  • UVEX - Lens Cleaning Station

    UVEX lens cleaning station complete with cleaning solution and tissues. Contains 1 500ml Bottle of 1009 lens cleaning solution and 4 boxes of 1008 Tissues (450 per box)Wall mountable (screws included)

    $75.62 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 1007

  • UVEX - Lens Cleaning Towelettes - Wall Dispenser (1 x 500)

    UVEX lens cleaning towelettes - wall dispenser (1 x 500)

    $124.50 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 1003

  • UVEX - Replacement Lens Cleaning Solution (500ml Bottle)

    UVEX replacement lens cleaning solution (500ml bottle) to suit Lens Cleaning Station.

    $5.15 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 1009

  • UVEX - Replacement Lens Cleaning Tissues (Box of 450)

    Replacement lens cleaning tissues to suit UVEX Lens Cleaning Station. (Box of 450).

    $5.88 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 1008

  • UVEX - 'uvex clear' Box of 100 Lens Cleaning Towelettes

    UVEX lens cleaning towelettes, box of 100.

    $25.25 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 1005

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