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  • Bump Cap

    Prochoice BGBC Bump Cap 65% cotton / 35% polyester baseball style cap. Complies to EN812 - Industrial bump cap standards EN standards require Bump Caps to conform to EN812:1997/A1:2001. This is to protect the wearer from impacts at 30° and 60° from vertical at the front and the back of the head. Available in Hi Vis (extra cost) **NOW AVAILABLE Modern baseball style cap with micro peak for extra visibility when looking upwards

    $16.65 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: BGBC

  • Cotton Hard Hat Sun Brim with Neck Flap

    Cotton Hard hat sun brim with neckflap.

    Colours: Orange, Navy, Bottle Green.

    $7.20 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: Y-1280



    Ergodyne Chill-Its  Evaporative Cooling Hard Hat Pad,Evaporative Cooling Hard Hat Pad: Attaches to standard hard hat headband Solid Blue, Lightweight, cooling acrylic polymers Hook & loop closures, Conveniently attaches to hard hat suspension headband, Soak in water 2-5 minutes to activate Remains hydrated for up to 4 hours, Solid blue

    $4.95 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: 12337

  • Fly Net

    Heavy Duty Fly / Mosquito Head Net

    $4.85 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: FLYNET

  • Hard Hat Reflective Tape

    Hard Hat Reflective Tape Kit. Tested and approved with standards AS/NZS 1801:3.2.5 Reflective Tape Kit for Helmets– 2 curved, 2 straight **Does not include hard hat.

    $3.00 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: HHRT

  • Hard Hat Sweatband - Lambs Wool

    Unisafe Replacement Lambs Wool Hard Hat Sweatband (code TA095) for use with UniSafe TA500 series hard hats.

    $5.95 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: TA095

  • Plastic Hard Hat Sun Brim with Neck Flap

    Plastic brim with a neck flap that suits most helmets. Easy to assemble with slips for the peak and back of helmets.Available in a variety of colours

    Colours:  Orange, Blue, Fluro Yellow, Green, White, (to note white now has bottle green neck flap)

    $11.55 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: PSB

  • Prochoice Cotton Sweatband

    Prochoice Cotton Sweatband fits Prochoice hard Hats

    $1.35 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: HHSB

  • Prochoice Hard Hat Chin Strap

    Hard Hat Chin Strap to fit Prochoice Brand Hats

    $2.89 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: HHCS

  • Prochoice Hard Hat Winter Liner

    Working in a cool wind with only a hard hat for protection can freeze your ears off, and balancing your hard hat on your beanie means it slides all over the place rendering it unsafe. The ProChoice Safety Gear Hard Hat Winter Liner features velcro fasteners that easily attach to the hard hat harness and prevent it from slipping. Made from warm, soft and washable thermo-knit, this hard hat liner is sure to keep your hard working ears warm and is a safety 'must-have' for the Winter Season. One Size Fits All

    $16.55 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: HHWL

  • Prochoice HHNS Hard Hat Attachable Neck Sun Shade

    Designed for outdoor work, and anytime you are expos to harmful UV rays. Hi-Visibility Yellow Fabric for increased visibility Easy to attach and suits most hard hats Lightweight, comfortable and cool to wear Retro-reflective tape for increased visibility in low light conditions

    $6.32 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: HHNS

  • Prochoice ProLock Replacement Harness

    Replacment PROLOCK Hard Hat Harness 6 point harness to suit ProChoice hard hat models HHV6 and HH6

    $5.95 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: HHH

  • ProChoice 'Vadar' Lift-up Browguard

    Lift-up Browguard to suit ProChoice hard hat models HHV6 and HH6. This Lightweight Browguard will accommodate all ProChoice visors.

    $9.85 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: HHBGE

  • Ratchet Headgear to suit UniSafe TA500 series hard hats

    Hard Hat Ratchet Headgear (code TA598) to suit the UniSafe TA500 series hard hats. (harness only Hard hat extra)

    $11.19 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: TA598

  • UniSafe Chin Strap

    Elasticised hard hat chinstrap to suit all UniSafe hard hats.

    $2.85 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: TA175

  • UniSafe Hard Hat Sweatband - Terry Towelling

    UniSafe Replacement Terry Towelling Hard Hat Sweatband (code TA094) for use with UniSafe TA500 series hard hats.

    $1.10 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: TA094

  • UniSafe Visor Holder


    • Nylon composition for higher temperature work areas
    • Superior 100% UV protection for outdoor use (O)
    • Close fit of all UniSafe 500 series safety caps
    • Fits all UniSafe range of visors
    • Fits directly into all UniSafe cap attachable earmuffs

    $11.90 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: VH500

  • VISOR ONLY ProChoice 'Vadar' Mesh VisorFits with BG and HHBGE Visor Browgards

    The ProChoice 'Vadar' Mesh Visor Fits with BG and HHBGE Visor Browgards is a must when chain sawing and pruning as protection from woodchips. The face shield is easily fitted to ProChoice Browguards and Hard Hats. Made from high quality stainless steel.

    $8.89 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: VM

  • VISOR ONLY ProChoice 'Vadar' Polycarbonate Visor

    One piece wraparound face shield allowing for unobstructed views and excellent side protection. This polycarbonate visor is molten metal, hot solids and high impact resistant.

    Lenses: Clear & Smoke.

    $16.60 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: VC

  • VISOR ONLY ProChoice 'Vadar' Shade 5 Visor

    To suit ProChoice BG & HHBGE ProChoice 'Vadar' Shade 5 Visor certified to AS/NZS 1337 ID 4018 Approved for Gas Welding.

    $33.55 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: VS5

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