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Full Face Respirators

  • Full Face Respirator - Survivair 4000 Series

    The 4000 series full face mask provides wearers with a number of high quality features, such as an unobstructed, wide-angle view and a large sealing surface for superior fit plus an optional translucent nose cupwhich reduces fogging.

    $422.90 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: survivair_4000

  • Full Face Respirator - Survivair 'Opti-Fit'

    The Opti-Fit offers the ultimate in performance and reliability, with features such as a distortion-free lens with an exceptional viewing area plus the full face masks lightweight construction reduces head and neck stress even during extended wear.

    $210.00 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: survivair_optifit

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