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Half Mask Respirators

  • Half Mask Respirator KITS- Survivair Spray painters OR Welders

    - Spray Painters Kit includes the 3000 series half mask, two Organic Vapour catridges for protection against naturally occuring vapours, two P2 pre filters for protection against dust, mist and fume and two filter retainers used to attach the pre filters to the organic vapour catridges.

    - Welders Kit includes the 3000 series half mask and P3 filters to protect against dust, mist and fume.

    $38.25 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: survivair_3000

  • Half Mask Respirator - Survivair 2000 Series

    Lightweight silicone construction and an impressive variety of features make the Survivair 2000 series one of the industry's most comfortable, user friendly half mask air purifying respirators.

    $42.45$38.55 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: survivair_2000

  • Half Mask Respirator - Survivair 'Blue 1'

    The Blue 1 is made from comfortable pliable silicone to prevent oxidation reaction with the ozone and to prevent the respirator losing elasticity even in extremely hot or cold environments. Optional speech diaphragm for communication in noisy work environments.

    $56.10$49.85 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: survivair_blue1

  • Half Mask Respirator - Survivair 'Low Maintenance'

    The Survivair Low Maintenance half mask respirator is ideal for those who require an easy to use respirator and use them on a regular basis. An improved yoke design gives a secure fit, and reduced facepiece slippage, yet permits easy donning.

    $26.75$23.98 (Ex-GST)

    Product Code: survivair_low_m

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